Minnesota Majority Releases 2013 Legislative Scorecard

Minnesota Majority today released its annual legislative scorecard called “Heroes & Zeros.” The 6–page document is a summary of the votes taken by legislators that were of importance to Minnesota Majority and it’s members. Each representative and senator is scored a or “-“ for each of their votes and assigned a percentage of how often they voted with Minnesota Majority’s public policy positions.

“Philosophically, we stake out positions that support individual liberty, ethical morality and fiscal responsibility,” said Dan McGrath, the organization’s president. “It never ceases to amaze me how many legislators wind up in the ‘zeros’ category each year,” he added.


For the 2013 session, Minnesota Majority tracked 11 votes in the House and 10 in the Senate, including election reform, childcare unionization, tax and spending bills.

34 legislators scored 100% and 81 were labeled “zeros,” for scoring 10% or less. Representative Raymond Dehn (59B) and Senator Bobby Joe Champion (59) scored exactly zero.

“Moving to the Senate apparently hasn’t tempered Senator Champion’s radical positions,” said McGrath, noting that he consistently scored 0% in each of the 4 years he served in the Minnesota House.

Representative Kurt Daudt (31A) and Senators Michelle Benson (31), Paul Gazelka (9) and Sean Nienow (32) were noted as maintaining 100% voting records for their entire tenure.

This year, Minnesota Majority also released two “video scorecards,” thanking legislators who voted 100% of the time in defense of liberty, fiscal prudence, ethical government and accountability.

You can find the full scorecard at MinnesotaMajority.org