Everything That Isn’t Mandatory Is Banned

Joel Doakes from Como Park emails:

The neighbors fought to keep Buffalo Wild Wings out of their neighborhood completely, and lost before the St. Paul City Council, which is quite an achievement given this city’s track record.

Now the neighbors are back, bitching because it smells like fried food. Well, yes, you live next door to a restaurant. I live across from a ball park. Everybody has problems. That’s part of living in a city, rubbing shoulders, celebrating diversity.


If you want your own private estate, move to North Oaks.

Joe Doakes

Hell Is Other People.

It reminds me of the people who teamed up to ban cruising on Snelling and University during hot rod shows. These people live in a major city, but want it to sound like an Iowa corn field after dark.

“Progressivism” is always about trying to build utopia with legislation.

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