Let Us Be Fair

I know there are whole books on “how to lie with statistics” but when the Governor’s own Department of Revenue gives us an analysis of how much more “fair” the new tax laws are, we should at least give it a look.    After all the sturm und drang from the Governor, DFL legislators and Those Who Know Best, you would think that we had finally achieved the “fairness” that is the driving force behind that tax reform that we do every other year or so, yet somehow never reach.  So how did we do this time?  Well, the promise was that the taxes on the top 1% had to go up to make it fair, but that nobody else would see any tax increase at all.  Of course, “fairness” never was and never should be the goal of tax policy, but if it were, wouldn’t it have been easier and better to simply LOWER taxes on everybody but the top 1%?  Why do you suppose the DFL never thought of THAT? 


But here’s the real kicker.   According to the official chart, the top 1% WILL pay more, unless, of course, those smart enough to BE in the top 1% are too stupid to find ways around these new taxes.  But on a percentage basis, it is the BOTTOM 10% being hit the hardest with the new “millionaire’s tax”!!  We’re all millionaires!  The middle class also gets hit, contrary to what was promised, but not as badly.     In short, some might look at this chart and say the DFL are a bunch of lying thieves.   That’s the Minnesota Nice way of saying it, but not saying it at all is what the DFL is counting on.   Let us be fair, let us “see something, say something”!  It’s only fair.