Political Charity Outside the Lines, Part 10


Over the past nine posts in this series, and in earlier writings, I have documented a range of disturbing behaviors by Minnesota’s leading 501(c)(4) tax-exempt non-profit political organizations.

Alliance for a Better Minnesota, WIN Minnesota, and TakeAction Minnesota have assumed leading positions in the state’s political and public policy scene by virtue of their having elected a progressive Democrat as governor (Mark Dayton) and Democrat majorities in both houses of the state legislature. 


The behaviors I document involve the highest ranking members of the state’s Democrat party—including the party Chair, Ken Martin, and the Executive Director, Corey Day.

I have documented that several non-profits appear to have exceeded IRS limits on political activity during the 2010 election for governor.  I have documented missing tax returns, misleading statements, transactions reported to one authority but not another, inexplicable money transfers, and frequent amendments to and reclassifications of questionable transactions.

It’s frequently noted that “politics ain’t beanbag.”  Than again, neither is it Lord of the Flies.  We live in a society that expects its leading institutions to follow the rules and keep in mind the best interests of all its citizens.
“To whom much is given, much shall be required.”  By electing one-party Democrat rule, Minnesota’s voters (wittingly or not) have conferred near-absolute power on the state’s leading political non-profits.  But so far in the 2014 election cycle, we have seen the political non-profits engaging in the same scorched-earth, less-than-ethical tactics that brought them such success in the 2010 and 2012 elections.
Minnesotans expect better and, frankly, deserve better.  However, I have lived in this state long enough to understand that the leading lights of these organizations will continue to be invited on all the TV talk shows and will never have to answer any uncomfortable questions regarding their actions or statements.
Members of our legacy media are largely in agreement with the progressive direction of the state’s politics.  They will never report on any actions or tactics that would, at a minimum, call into question the legitimacy of the larger progressive enterprise, or, at worst, would lead to conservatives and Republicans regaining a foothold on power.
But that doesn’t mean that the rest of us have to go along with it.  The actions of Lance Armstrong, Mark McGwire, and Bernie Madoff forever taint their respective accomplishments.  Likewise, in my eyes, the actions of political charity will always taint the 2010 election of Mark Dayton as governor.

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