Scooping the St. Cloud Times again

When the FBI joined with the U.S. Dept. of Education in visiting the SCSU campus, the St. Cloud Times couldn’t be bothered with dispatching one of their education beat reporters to the campus to cover the student transcript fiasco. Instead, they just ran an article written by Conrad Wilson of MPR. This morning, the St. Cloud Times is getting scooped in their own back yard again. MPR isn’t breaking the story this time, though. I’m breaking it here.


It’s pretty pathetic when a supposed newspaper gets scooped on a major story. It’s worse when it’s scooped on the story twice, once by MPR, the other time by a lowly blogger. The Times had the time to cover President Potter’s announcement that he intends to reduce energy costs at SCSU by 20%. They apparently don’t think students’ grades disappearing off of the official SCSU transcript system is a high priority.

Here’s a question for the Times’ editors: when a student takes a class, does all the classwork, takes the mid-term and final exams, then gets an F, should that student then get to request that that grade be purged from his transcript? In fact, that’s a pretty good question for President Potter and Provost Maholtra to answer.

I’m not holding my breath waiting for the Times or SCSU to answer that question.

If the Times won’t hold SCSU accountable, others will. It’s a shame that the Times hasn’t held this administration accountable thus far. In fact, it’s rather predictable.

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