St. Cloud Times misses FBI visit

Recently, the FBI paid a visit to the St. Cloud State campus to check into the transcript scandal. While MPR filed an article about the visit, the St. Cloud Times couldn’t be bothered with assigning a reporter to the story. Instead, they ran the MPR article.

I first wrote about this scandal in this article. MPR’s first article ran a month ago. I’m still waiting for the first article by the St. Cloud Times. Let me rephrase that. I’m still waiting for a St. Cloud Times reporter to write about this scandal. I’m not holding my breath on that.


It’s stunning that the Times assigned Dave Aikens to write about President Potter’s proposal to cut energy usage by 20% but they didn’t assign a reporter to write about a serious issue like transcript fraud.

To date, I’m the only journalist questioning whether taxpayers got ripped off when SCSU hired the Earthbound Marketing Group to help with SCSU’s rebranding. I’m the only journalist questioning President Potter’s spending decisions.

We’ve seen how reckless and biased the Times Editorial Board is with their opinions. The fact that they didn’t investigate this issue is proof they’re mostly disinterested in investigating St. Cloud State. The fact is they haven’t written anything about this transcript scandal since it bubbled up over a year ago.

It’s one thing to have another news organization find a story first. It happens. That isn’t what’s happening here. MPR wrote their first article about the transcripts a month ago. The Times could’ve investigated this in that time. They couldn’t have been unaware of the transcript discrepancies after MPR’s first article because they monitor MPR’s wires. That’s confirmed by their running MPR’s article on the FBI visit.

Unless the Times can prove that their education reporters are working on an investigative piece that’ll run later, the Times’ editors will have egg on their face. Let’s be clear about this. This post isn’t about criticizing the education beat reporters. They’re given assignments on what to write about. It’s about the editors apparently not taking an interest in a major local issue.

On something this big, that isn’t acceptable.

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