What is this “Freedom” Concept?

Last Saturday, I was honored to speak at the La I’natl Conference held in St. Paul. Laotian representatives from across the US, Canada and France arrive in SP to discuss projects and the tyrannical Laotian gernment. What follows is the talk I gave on Freedom.

First – what freedom is NOT: the freedom to say and do whatever you want, whenever you want; the freedom to attack or take from others because you think you should have it; equal outcomes, equal wages, equal housing, etc.; and freedom cannot be given to someone (by a government or individual); if this were true, freedom could easily be taken away. 

Freedom requires: an honestly educated population; a moral foundation, a belief in Someone/Something greater than one’s self; knowing the difference between wrong and right; personal responsibility.

Today, people still want to come to America more than anywhere else. And, unfortunately, some think that freedom is “free stuff” but this concept is false.

Freedom is: the ability to criticize the government without prosecution or persecution; opportunity; to dream, to wish, to work for what you need and hope to have; to try, and, perhaps more important, to fail and yet be able to try again; to believe in the betterment of all humans; to internalize that ALL men are endowed by their Creator with those unalienable rights (not from government or humans but from a Creator) of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Freedom can be awkward and very messy. It is difficult to grasp coming from a bullying/tyrannical/dictatorial environment. Because freedom (and its requisite responsibilities) are new to so many people, we Americans must remember that throughout human history, FREEDOM was/is extremely rare. We MUST teach freedom and its responsibilities to our children and grandchildren.