Derek Brigham

Derek lives in Plymouth with wife and 3 kids that keep him jumping through hoops 24/7. He has lived in the midwest all his life with long stretches in Illinois and North Dakota. From 1991 to 2003, Derek resided in south Minneapolis. He is a Vice Chair for Congressional District 3 in the western suburbs outside Minneapolis.

He has been active in the blog and new media world both writing at his own site and designing the graphics for too many center-right blogs to count. Derek started with Freedom Dogs, in 2002, then SD45 Republicans, with Lassie to help out in the neighborhood, CD3 and many other MNGOP sites through BPOU Builders and of course True North.

To make a dollar holler, Derek runs a small business as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator and has been doing it as well as a few corporate and newspaper jobs since 1985. He works on a Mac, of course. Need some graphics created to help your business? Give him a ring.