The Lady Logician

Cindy Whitehair (aka the Lady Logician) is a self-described “soccer mom” complete with the mini-van. She shares the Logical Household with her husband, son and two dogs Lucky the worlds best border collie and Captain Jack (Sparrow).

A native of the Chicago area (motto – vote early and often) she escaped to “God’s Country” 13 years ago. She still carries a couple of Chicago habits (a love of the Cubs and the Bears) but in almost all other aspects has become “Minnesotan” including the accent!

She began blogging in 2005 when she was invited to join “The Savage Republican“. After blogging there for a year, she struck out on her own and has been typing away ever since. Besides blogging, she is active in the Minnesota GOP as a volunteer and BPOU Chair and as a 4H adult leader.