Policy Guy

Policy Guy is the blogging name of John LaPlante, a public policy consultant and freelance writer/editor.

He has written on a variety of public issues, but most frequently on K-12 education and health care. For three years, he was a columnist for the Saint Paul Legal Ledger (now called Politics in Minnesota). For three years, he oversaw a team of bloggers at State House Call (now defunct), which addressed healthcare policy from the perspective of analysts who focused on the state government. For roughly a decade he actively wrote about education for a think tank in Kansas, and actively blogged at The Detroit News. He has appeared in the Kansas City Star, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, The Daily Caller, and on WJR-AM Detroit, among other places. Publications he has edited have been mentioned by the Bloomberg Business, the Chicago Sun-Times, Governing, Health Affairs, the (U.K.) Guardian, and the Wall Street Journal, as well as other publications. He is a senior policy fellow at Center of the American Experiment.