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Calliope, Part Two — The Race for Attorney General

While the race for governor is certainly the most consequential of this election cycle, the attorney general matters quite a lot, too. And it’s going to be interesting now that Lori Swanson has decided to run for governor. The big fish on the DFL side is Keith Ellison, who […] Click here to view original post mrdilettante.blogspot.com

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Travelling Tarryl strikes again

I remember the good old days when Tarryl Clark moved from St. Cloud to Duluth . These days, Tarryl isn’t the rising star that she once was. These days, she’s still travelling but this time, instead of running for Congress, she’s running for a spot on the Stearns County […] Click here to view original post www.letfreedomringblog.com

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The Tim nobody knows...

The Tim nobody knows…

"The question now begs to be asked – who is the real Tim? Is he the party guy who served two terms as Governor? Or is he the interloper, the carpetbagger, who has returned from the Wall Street swamp full of donor cash, ready to buy this election?" I […] Click here to view original post veryangrybird.blogspot.com

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Calliope — the Race for Governor

We’re back from celebrating graduation ceremonies for Benster and Fearless Maria. These were joyful events and we’re all proud of their accomplishments. It was also good to get away from writing about politics for a few days. As we left town for Benster’s graduation, the nominating conventions for the […] Click here to view original post mrdilettante.blogspot.com

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The Democrats’ Obstruction Continues

Senator of Small Things strikes again.

There was a report earlier this week that Medicare will be insolvent within eight years. Social Security looks to suffer the same fate in about 16 years. Glad to see Minnesota’s senior U.S. Senator is focused, as always, on what really matters. The WNBA champions @minnesotalynx may not have […] Click here to view original post bradley1969.blogspot.com

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