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Abide With Me

No, I’m not talking about the old Hymn.  I’m talking about the current silly season of GOP endorsing conventions.  Everywhere you turn you see  Party activists asking, or even demanding, that candidates “abide by the endorsement” (rather than run in a primary), as if issue positions and electability were not important.  And you see candidates either promising it and criticizing those who promise not, waffling on the subject, or honestly saying they are going to the primary.  That last seems to really matter most to the delegates, and they often push to forcing such a pledge on every candidate.  Really, that is backwards. What it amounts to is an attempt to make the endorsement have value, by fiat, when what we should be doing is making the endorsement have REAL value!  That is, the endorsement should carry with it financial support, volunteer hours, publicity and media exposure, and vigorous support.  […]

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Anarchy in the Streets: ACLU Leader Claims There’s No Such Thing as Illegal Protest

{youtube}6qcu1fR1yN4{/youtube} The Black Lives Matter movement harbors no shame about breaking the law. In fact, illegality has proven key to their strategy. Days in advance of a planned action, they have announced their intention to trespass on private property or disrupt public infrastructure. They have declared their purpose to “shut down” targeted venues. Consider the audacity of that. They have announced that they are going to violate people’s rights and commit crimes. When law enforcement agencies have responded to restore peace, Black Lives Matter has defied lawful orders, invited arrest, and taken pride in the harm they have inflicted. They brag  about having “shut down” businesses, freeways, airports, and other venues, disrupting commerce, impeding travel, and incurring great expense for municipalities. One Republican legislator in Minnesota has said enough is enough. State Representative Nick Zerwas has authored a bill that would enable government entities to bring civil action against individuals […]

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It’s The Rights, Stupid!

One of the mixed blessings of being involved with an issue – the human right to self-defense – as long as I have is that every couple of years, I’m treated to the spectacle of a whole new generation of gun-grabbers excitedly making arguments that they just know are going to send the Real Americans scurrying for mama… …not realizing that they are probably the fourth or fifth generation of gun grabbers I’ve heard use the argument since I started. “Put a 1000% tax on bullets?  You mean like Patrick Moynihan proposed in the seventies the National Coalition to Ban Handguns talked about in the eighties, and Chris Rock in the nineties?  No, ma’am, that one’s new to me.   Does that also mean that the First Amendment protects speech, but that the government can regulate newsprint, or that it protects freedom to worship, but the government can censor the Bible, the […]

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Gun Homicide: Comparing Apples And Apples, Part II

  Last Friday, we noted that to the US’s murder rate of 3.8 per 100,000 ranks 121st in the world overall. Which, to “Gun Safety” advocates, is just wrong; they insist on constraining the comparison to only “western, industrialized” countries – as if the life of a human being in Honduras or South Africa is somehow worth less, or their murder is of less weight than someone from Highland Park.   And I noted that the reasons for the comparison are to make the US look as bad as possible, against small, socially-homogenous countries like Denmark and Norway and Japan.

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Do Vikings fans hate children?

A public school in Burnsville is making a bit of news because there’s an effort to bring in a playground that will be designed to be accessible to children who use wheelchairs and walkers. Not the playground of your childhood, certainly, but here’s what I found more interesting, which is this: the cost of the playground is inflated by an act of bipartisan folly the Minnesota Legislature engaged in a few years ago. According to the school principal, a major cost of the project is the concrete that will lie underneath the rubber pathways. He added, “There’s a concrete shortage because of the new Vikings stadium, so the price has risen on that.” The cost of the new playground will be paid for through fundraisers, so the politically driven gift to the NFL won’t be reaching any deeper into taxpayers’ pockets — at least not this time.

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Retooling the “U”

Like many schools today, is it the job of the University to instruct or indoctrinate? Sometimes I don’t know if they know the difference anymore…”   Like many of us, my wife and I are card carrying alumni of the University of Minnesota. We are also taxpayers in this state. I guess that makes us stakeholders. In other words, we have the right to make suggestions. To praise and to complain. And at times, just to bitch.

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