“Mr. Trump? Call From Hugo Chavez…”

First thing: Trump technically is correct that the government can print money to prevent default, as the Treasury Department controls the printing presses. But as a practical matter, it’d be nearly impossible to churn out enough $100 bills to make the annual debt service payment of $220 billion. That […] Click here to view original post www.shotinthedark.info

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Sources tell Gizmodo that Facebook routinely gundecked “conservative” news – spiking it from the “trending” news section, even if it was legitimately, y’know, trending (and buffing up stories that management wanted pushed): These new allegations emerged after Gizmodo last week revealed details about the inner workings of Facebook’s trending […] Click here to view original post www.shotinthedark.info

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Malcolm X

What Did Malcolm X Know That Nekima Levy-Pounds Doesn’t?

Rapper Azealea Banks noted something has been screechingly obvious for decades , to anyone who’s not competely left-addled: On Saturday afternoon, singer Azealia Banks expressed her support for the GOP candidate in a spree of tweets, kicking off the conversation with, “I REALLY want Donald Trump to win the […] Click here to view original post www.shotinthedark.info

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thumbs down

Illegal Immigration Booming

The Hill headlines: “Illegal immigrant numbers skyrocket at Mexican border.” The numbers are simply staggering: The number of families and unaccompanied children apprehended on the southern border has skyrocketed this year, according to new figures from the Obama administration. … Through the first six months of fiscal 2016, which […] Click here to view original post www.powerlineblog.com

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Trumping Truth

So, Donald Trump is running all over complaining about how Colorado Republicans “cheated” him of victory, “denied people a vote,” or that the system was “rigged” against him.  Balderdash.  As usual, the Powerline guys are right on, with a historic cartoon labeled, “Colorado 1912: Caucus system adopted to screw Trump out of delegates.”  I hope people catch on that Trump is simply a whining loser who won’t even take the time to learn the rules of the game, let alone play fairly within them.  It should be most obvious to Minnesotans, who have the same system as Colorado.  We (and they) have always had a caucus and convention system to eventually choose delegates to the National Convention, where delegates vote their choice for the Presidential nominee of the Party.  Nobody is “denied a vote” because caucuses have always been open to everybody, it’s just that most people do not make […]

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On Transgender Restrooms and All Similar Matters, Let Property Owners Decide

As a people, we seem largely incapable of allowing each other to live according to our individually chosen values. When Jim Crow laws dictated segregation in the last century, it wasn’t enough to merely repeal those laws. We had to err in the other direction. We had to dictate integration. From that era rose the modern concept of “public accommodation,” an insidious claim against the property and association rights of others. When you open a business, the theory goes, you yield your authority over the venue where it is housed. You must, under the force of law, do business with people you may not want to do business with, and on terms that you may not agree to. Why? Because discrimination is bad. But is it? Discrimination is choice. That’s it. When you choose between this thing and that, you discriminate. When you choose where to live, who to love, […]

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