Winners and Losers

Still Waiting For The Winning

Trump, and a GOP controlled Congress that hasn’t upheld Republican principles since the mid-nineties and seems to be herniating itself to out-Trump Trump in terms of giving goodies to populist bases, has just passed a budget bill that only Chuckles Schumer could love. And he does . Note to […] Click here to view original post

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Donald of Arabia

Tired Of Winning

In the long game of balance of power diplomacy we are destined to be closer to Iran than Saudi. Iran is a deeply civilized culture with a cohesive and educated population that plays a historic leadership role for one major slice of Islam. Saudi is a once-rich,oil-depleted desert Sheikhdom […] Click here to view original post

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How Can You Tell Libs Are Getting Cranky?

They start sending their child shills to do “die-ins”: About two dozen students let their actions speak for themselves afternoon at the State Capitol. They staged a die-in outside the House chamber to draw attention to their concern that not enough is being done to keep them safe in […] Click here to view original post

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They’re Coming For A Lot More Than Your Guns

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails: The story of how the court can seize a person’s guns based on one quip alone is bad enough, but I have two more thoughts: When the cops seize your guns, do they run the serial numbers to see if they’re stolen; or […] Click here to view original post

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The Elephant In The Classroom

Remember the phrase “going postal?” It may have faded from widespread use in recent years, but back in the eighties and nineties, it meant “someone who’d been driven over the edge to insane, explosive violence”. The term came from a series of massacres at post offices,n in the eighties […] Click here to view original post

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Perhaps I’m not prominent enough a conservative for anyone to bother with censoring, but I haven’t been affected yet; my Facebook account remains untouched, my Twitter account (which I don’t use for much, as I hate Twitter with an abiding fury) hasn’t gotten messed with (other than continued stalking […] Click here to view original post

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More Berg’s 18th Law

Mark Conditt, the suspect in the Austin Texas Bombing Spree, blew himself up yesterday as the cops closed in. Manley said there appeared to be no specific reasons why Conditt targeted the people who were killed or injured in the attacks. The recording, which officials won’t release while the […] Click here to view original post

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