SWLRT: let’s get that in writing


Railroaded again by metro elites! It’s time to call them on it. It’s time to say no to bailing out SWLR 🚃 next year. You are getting a bill for something you didn’t order. You shouldn’t have to pay it.

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Chicken soup

Middle Class Minnesota Says “Welcome to my World” as the Political Class Begins to Feel Obamacare.

Last month, Blue Cross and Blue Shield MN announced that the company would no longer sell individual insurance policies in Minnesota. That will put an additional 100,000 Minnesotans out of insurance in January.
On September 1st, we will find out which of the remaining plans will show double-digit increases again.
The companies were given a one-month extension by regulators who have driven company after company out of Minnesota’s health insurance market for middle-class policyholders.

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