Hanging curveball

Senator Al Franken hasn’t spoken up on….well….much of anything in his tenure as the junior senator from my state. But on Thursday, Sen. Fart Joke Franken emerged from the bunker to express his dismay with the possibility of cable giant Comcast acquiring Time Warner Cable for $45 billion. “There’s not enough competition, we need more competition, not less. This is going exactly in the wrong direction,” Franken said in an interview with CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper.””Consumers are – I am very concerned – are going to pay higher bills, they are going to get even worse service and less choice,” said Franken. Emphasis mine.Do those drawbacks remind you of any other product being jammed down the proverbial throats offered to consumers? You misspelled Obamacare. MT @alfranken I’m concerned #ComcastTWC merger could mean less choice, higher cost, & worse service for consumers.— Brad Carlson (@Brad_Carlson) February 14, 2014 The […]

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Sure mucked up

April Todd-Malmlov, the Chief Executive of Minnesota’s state health marketplace MNSure, resigned her position yesterday in light of the exchange’s difficult rollout and questions regarding an ill-timed vacation.A few thoughts:

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Hittin’ the panic button

If one was to ever create a caricature of leftists, one needs to look no further than Alliance for a Bitter Better Minnesota. Sure, they label themselves as an “independent” organization which looks to educate Minnesotans on the issues facing our state. But it’s no secret that they’re a well-funded PAC, courtesy of a member of the Rockefeller family (Alida Messinger), who also happens to be Governor Mark Dayton’s ex wife. As such, come campaign season they’re quite ubiquitous when it comes to hit pieces on Republican political candidates.

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