Benghazi Committee

The latest rounds of Hillary Clinton testifying before the Benghazi Committee took place Thursday.  To be honest, I looked at it as little more than a charade. It’s not that I think Clinton shouldn’t be made to answer questions for State Department failures on the night of 9/11/2012. But it’s been painfully obvious for some time now that the media is so far in the tank for her that the positive spins on her performance were likely written preemptively.

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Dumb Dem Debate

I didn’t have an opportunity to watch the first Democrat presidential debate live on Tuesday as I had other obligations. However, given I host a weekly political talk show, I decided to check out some highlights.

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The NARN Closer – 08/30/2015

Yes, it’s Minnesota State Fair time!! With all due respect to late great crooner Andy Williams, this is the most wonderful time of the year, particularly in my role as talk radio host. Yes, I will be live from the Fair for this afternoon’s edition of The Closer, which will be in the usual time slot of 1:00 until 3:00 Central Time.

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