And it’s hard to fly when your wings are tied…..

Another Sunday, yet another edition of the Northern Alliance Radio Network program The Closer. The 1-hour bonanza gets going at 2:00 PM Central Time. Right at 2:00, I welcome to the broadcast our show’s official political wonk Matt Mackowiak . There’s so much happening on the political scene these […] Click here to view original post

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Never Trump! Never, never ever!

All cried out

I’d like to start off by sharing a recap of the fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf . The tale concerns a shepherd boy who repeatedly tricks nearby villagers into thinking wolves are attacking his flock. When a wolf actually does appear and the boy again calls for help, […] Click here to view original post

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Killing DOE

Voice of reason

About a month ago, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos ended an Obama era ruling which essentially lowered the burden of proof for sexual assaults on campus. And if state universities were non-compliant with the Obama administration ruling and thus had the nerve to be guided by that Constitution thingy, said […] Click here to view original post

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Colin Kaepernick, Political Commentator

Grasping at straws

I believe this is an exercise in futility , but what else does he have going on in life? Free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick has filed a grievance under the latest collective bargaining agreement against NFL owners for collusion, according to his attorney, Mark Geragos. Kaepernick is not going through […] Click here to view original post

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Fake news? White House says AP report on 100K Nat’l Guard deportation force “100% not true”

News you don’t wanna use

When Barack Obama was President of the United States, he, on more than one occasion, lamented the unfavorable media coverage he received from Fox News. Many conservatives (myself included) found it a tad chilling that the country’s leader would call out a free press. While Obama’s behavior was out […] Click here to view original post

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Taking a knee...

National Anthem backlash bringing NFL to its knees

In no small part to President Trump expressing his displeasure , there has been significant backlash from NFL fans over some players not standing during the pregame signing of the National Anthem. As such, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell could no longer bury his head in the proverbial sand, so […] Click here to view original post

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