Only the right kind of diversity is allowed

I’ve sensed for some time that political leftists are no longer interested in a free exchange of ideas, rather they want to quash conservative thought altogether. Whether it’s rioting on college campuses in response to a right-leaning personality scheduled to give a speech or demands that non-leftist op eds […] Click here to view original post

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Open Letter To Sen. Latz, Rep. Schoen, Rep. Norton, Rev. Nord Bence, Jane Kaye, Heather Martens, and Joan Peterson

Few things are more dangerous than a gun free zone

Regarding the shooting which took place Tuesday afternoon at the YouTube headquarters in California, I’m inclined to subscribe to Berg’s Eighteenth Law of Media Latency : Nothing the media writes/says about any emotionally charged event – a mass shooting, a police shooting, anything – should be taken seriously for […] Click here to view original post

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A rare and well deserved break

I will not be broadcasting my radio show The Closer today as I am out "on assignment" (translation: On a family trip to Wisconsin). In my stead, Northern Alliance Radio Network mainstay Mitch Berg will be filling in from 2:00 until 3:00 PM Central Time. Hop on over to […] Click here to view original post

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Monopoly money galore!!!

Swamp things

He didn’t wanna do it guys. Really, he didn’t. I mean, President Trump was so angry with the abominable $1.3 trillion omnibus bill that he almost didn’t sign it . Yeah, I’m sure the next Congress (which will likely be a Democrat majority in light of this past week’s […] Click here to view original post

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Rest easy, Zell

Given I’m firmly right-of-center in my political worldview, I’ve often pondered if I could ever vote for a Democrat today. On the rare occasion someone has asked me if I ever could do such a thing, my typical retort was something along the lines of " Only if someone […] Click here to view original post

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