The Time To Mock And Taunt The Star/Tribune‘s Moronic Editorial Board For Being Unthinking Stenographers For Big Left Is Now. Right Now.

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I’m not going to bother fisking the Strib Editorial Board’s entire response. If you’ve been reading this blog, you know the points they got wrong, and the ones I’ll make.

No, I’m just going after their sub-headline; to wit:

Weaker gun laws have made this nation no safer. Time for a new direction.

Violent gun crime and homicide is down 50% in past 20 years. Minnesota has more carry permits per capita than Texas, but a lower murder rate than Norway. Violence outside America’s urban cores is approaching 100 year lows.

If America’s cancer rate or high school dropout rate dropped 50% in 20 years, people would hail it as a miracle. If the Strib could look forward to a 50% rise in sales in the next 20 years, they’d turn cartwheels down Washington Avenue.