Tea Leaves

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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Obamacare repeal failed so now Republicans will have to bail it out. McCain is on board. So is Lindsey Graham.

I don’t know anything about the plan and already, I hate it.

Joe Doakes

With ya there.

I like so totally agree with George Lakoff here.

The core of his idea is here:

All thought is carried out by neural circuitry — it does not float in air. Language neurally activates thought. Language can thus change brains, both for the better and the worse. Hate speech changes the brains of those hated for the worse, creating toxic stress, fear and distrust — all physical, all in one’s neural circuitry active every day. This internal harm can be even more severe than an attack with a fist. It imposes on the freedom to think and therefore act free of fear, threats, and distrust. It imposes on one’s ability to think and act like a fully free citizen for a long time.

So we don’t have any power over hate speech because it bypasses our intellect and goes straight to our body chemistry and that denies us our freedom.

Kind of like TV commercials.

You see I am on a diet and when I see Krispee Kream doughnuts or people telling me that “We got the meat” and they actually do got the meat, it goes just like George says, straight to my body chemistry and that denies me freedom, which means that TV commercials must be banned.

And the Go Daddy girls, remember them? Tell me, was that free speech?

Not if it made you horny, it wasn’t.

We really need to clean up this speech thing.

Maybe George Lakoff and his minions should be telling us what we can say, instead of what we can’t – which I suppose is what they have in mind.