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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Independence Day, the national anthem, patriotism: fireworks are a national symbol.

Except in Minnesota where the governor believes Minnesotans are so much stupider than our neighbors in South Dakota and Wisconsin, we cannot be trusted to read and follow simple instructions: “Lay on ground. Light fuse. Get away.”

I suppose Wednesday, I’ll be reading news accounts about all the blind and fingerless Cheeseheads swamping the refugee camps in Stillwater after they accidentally burned down their own houses with bottle rockets. At least they had fun doing it. Me, I’m looking forward to lighting those little black ‘snake’ pellets to watch them writhe. Whoopee,

Joe Doakes

To be fair, they just legalized Sunday liquor sales. They probably figure too much freedom (also booze) will be too intoxicating.