Puttin’ the last three letters in bass

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Gov. Dayton takes his bass boat and goes home:

Gov. Mark Dayton canceled a meeting with business owners around Lake Mille Lacs Saturday after about 75 protesters in boats encircled him on the lake to protest a temporary ban on walleye fishing.

Dayton was with a small group of people fishing for bass to promote the fishing that is still allowed at the lake after restrictions — including a ban on fishing walleye until July 28 — went into place Thursday. Dayton’s boat spent about 90 minutes on the water before heading back to land.

Passengers on roughly 25 boats displayed balloons and signs reading “REGULATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION = TYRANNY” and “GOV. DAYTON STOP LAKE MILLE LACS POLITICS!”

Don't question the governor, people. There's more:

Dayton said he respects the protesters’ frustration, but he defended the ban as a way of preserving the struggling walleye population. He said he canceled Saturday’s meeting — which was going to include several Lake Mille Lacs-area business owners — because he didn’t want to “reinforce that kind of destructive behavior.” He said he would meet with them later.

Perhaps after they go out of business. I'm not a fisherman but I know this much -- fishing for bass is quite different than fishing for walleye. The larger issues surrounding walleye populations on Mille Lacs aren't going away any time soon, either. But taking his ball, or his bass boat, and going home is par for the course for Our Governor.