Paul Marquart’s spinelessness

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My first reaction after reading this article is that Rebecca Otto is a spoiled brat who can’t take no for an answer. Despite the fact that there’s nothing in Minnesota’s constitution that assigns responsibilities to the auditor’s office, Otto insists that the auditor’s office was totally gutted by legislation.

The other reaction I had came after I read DFL Rep. Paul Marquart say “It is basically these three counties defending a state law … for all 87 counties. It is fair to spread [the expense] statewide.” What spinelessness. Why can’t Rep. Marquart criticize Otto? Saying that Otto’s lawsuit is frivolous is understatement. What’s worse is that it’s taxpayer-funded. Despite these things, Rep. Marquart didn’t hesitate in spending taxpayers’ money on the lawsuit.

This is proof that DFL legislators not having the spine to stand up to other DFL politicians. The reason behind the DFL’s silence is because the DFL isn’t for the working people. They’re for the special interests. Period.

I’ve written before that private auditors finish the job faster and cost less than the government auditors from Otto’s office. The DFL defends the government auditors by funding Otto’s lawsuit. I didn’t see Rep. Marquart fighting for taxpayers when this bill was being debated. Now it’s worse:

Now the reimbursement funds are caught up in the larger legal battle between the governor’s office and the Legislature. In a first-ever move in Minnesota, the DFL governor vetoed funding for the Republican-controlled legislature after what he called “last-minute legislative treacheryâ€. The Legislature inserted a provision in a budget bill that would withhold funding for the Department of Revenue unless the governor signed its package of tax cuts.

Not only did Rep. Marquart vote for spending money on the lawsuit but he voted against tax relief for middle-class Minnesotans. I know this because all DFL representatives and senators voted against the tax relief package. Further, the DFL legislators voted against that tax relief after voting overwhelmingly for a bigger tax relief package in 2016, an election year.

This is what a picture of spinelessness looks like: