Open Letter To The MNGOP Legislative Caucuses

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To: The MNGOP Legislative Caucuses
From: Mitch Berg, Peasant
Re: You Never, Ever Learn, Do You?

Deaar MNGOP Legislative Caucuses – House and Senate

Today, after months of wrangling, word dribbled out that the Stand Your Ground and Constitutional Carry bills were not going to get a floor vote. While the bill wouldn’t pass into law, we wouldn’t need to re-argue it next session – which would be a huge benefit, especially given (cough cough) it’s an election year.

It was a kick in the teeth for Second Amendment voters.

Which is a bit of a problem. Can you think of a group in this state that has done more, with less outstate support, than the shooters? That did more to get your majority?

Thanks for nothing.

I get it – politics are complicated. Compromises happen. It’s just that as for me and a lot of people like me, you made the wrong one.

So – not another dime. Not another phone call. Not another minute of time until you get your collective head right.

That is all.