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  1. The evidence that Russia “interfered” in the 2016 presidential election at all is thin — Russia denies it (of course!), Assange says more than one individual/group had hacked the DNC, and that he didn’t get the DNC emails he leaked from the Russians. The core of the notion that the Russians were behind it goes back to a company called Crowdstrike that prepared a report for the Democrats last Summer. Crowdstrike has a pronounced anti-Russian bias (it has ties to the Ukrainians). Later reports, including the one by DHS last October, relied heavily on Crowdstrike’s assessment of the identity of the hackers.
    The intelligence report rushed out by the Obama administration after the election showed signs that only intelligence assessments that agreed with the DNC talking points were included. This is supposed to explain the confusion about how many intelligence participated in preparing the report and how many agreed with its conclusions.
    You wouldn’t know it from the headlines, but nothing new has been learned since before the election (the Steele dossier being without merit). It will be interesting to see what Mueller comes up with. I hope that he avoids the “judgement” routine. That’s where the investigator can’t actually provide convincing evidence, so instead he expresses a “judgement” that a thing is so, with a given confidence level. This is where the mischief gets into a lot of IPCC global warming “science.”

  2. No one can point to a single vote, let alone vote total or Electoral College vote that the Russian’s “hacked.” Then we are told that the exposure of the internal emails of the Clinton campaign changed votes. But no one has denied the truth of the emails, only that the public was not intended to see them. So the worst that could be applied to the Russians is that they applied some sunlight to dark corners.

    If anything, the Russians would have more in common with Hillary than Trump. Russian and Hillary both are left. Russia had already paid off Hillary and her foundation. And Russia likely has already read the 30,000 deleted emails about Hillary’s yoga classes and Chelsea’s wedding.

  3. MP,
    BBC overnight had a 1/2hr piece about how the same people who hacked the US election (Russians who else) were also behind the leaking of French candidate Macron’s emails.
    The sole non-anonymous source for this report was Crowdstrike.
    If you google ‘BBC and Crowdstrike’ you see much the same ‘go to’ pattern that you’ll find with NPR and SPLC.

To: The MNGOP Legislative Caucuses
From: Mitch Berg, Peasant
Re: You Never, Ever Learn, Do You?

Deaar MNGOP Legislative Caucuses – House and Senate

Today, after months of wrangling, word dribbled out that the Stand Your Ground and Constitutional Carry bills were not going to get a floor vote. While the bill wouldn’t pass into law, we wouldn’t need to re-argue it next session – which would be a huge benefit, especially given (cough cough) it’s an election year.

It was a kick in the teeth for Second Amendment voters.

Which is a bit of a problem. Can you think of a group in this state that has done more, with less outstate support, than the shooters? That did more to get your majority?

Thanks for nothing.

I get it – politics are complicated. Compromises happen. It’s just that as for me and a lot of people like me, you made the wrong one.

So – not another dime. Not another phone call. Not another minute of time until you get your collective head right.

That is all.