It Makes A Disturbing Amount Of Sense

Did Governor Messinger Dayton flush his former Lieutenant Governor…

…Quick!  Without looking below, name her!  Can you?

OK – it was Yvonne Prettner-Solon.  She got tubed in favor of long-time Dayton Chief of Staff Tina Smith – who many people say does most of the state’s actual governing, and has for quite some time.

Is Dayton setting up to resign, and turn the state over to Smith after the election, provided he wins? 

The essential Bill Glahn mulls the idea over - and comes up with, if not evidence, at least potential justification for the plan idea.

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Obama the Divider?

he only real hope that Democrats have in this midterm is to cobble together the voter coalition that Barack Obama created in two elections in order to counter what looks to be a Republican wave. They have one big obstacle to that goal — Barack Obama himself. According to an analysis from the Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty, Obama has lost the confidence of his once-favored demographics, and with it any enthusiasm to protect him in November:

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The Walker Prescription

A regular reader emails:

So I am driving home listening to MPR/NPR and hear this article below.  Essentially Camden, NJ, couldn’t afford the “work rules” negotiated by the local police union spending $180,000 per cop.  So they turned it over to the county and a new contract with new rules which brought the cost down to $90,000 per cop.  Crime is down, more cops are on the street, more community policing.
And I thought…isn’t that kind of the same thing Scott Walker did with the teacher contracts?  Hmmmmm.

Your friend,


We’re seeing it all over the country; when public sector unions are stripped of their undue influence (even just by making them voluntary), costs go down and services improve.

That’s why I’m pushing Walker for President, so far.


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The Unpleasant Truth

We all age.  So certain allowances must be made for the passage of time.

But check out these two videos filmed about five years apart of Governor Mark Dayton being interviewed for TV.

The first video (click here) is from a May 26, 2009, TV interview.  Dayton's remarks begin in earnest at the 1:14 mark.  The interview was conducted near the beginning of Dayton's campaign for governor.

The second video (click here) is from May 14, 2014, where Dayton is being interviewed in conjunction with Hmong-American day at the capitol.  The Governor begins speaking at the 1:46 mark and the interview runs a little over 4 minutes.

Putting aside the differences in the settings--one is a sit-down, indoor interview and the other a stand-up, outdoor interview--pay attention to the quality of his speaking voice.  The second, more recent, video is almost unwatchable as Dayton slurs and stumbles his way through a simple Q&A session.

Draw your own conclusions.

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Klobuchar ’06 v. Klobuchar ’14 – When Doves Become Hawks

Senator Klobuchar is proudly defending new found Hawk President Obama’s decision to escalate the war on ISIS by expanding the area of airstrikes from Iraq to also include Syria.

Don’t get me wrong, ISIS is pure evil, but the Senator used to sing a completely different tune on military involvement. In her 2006 campaign, she said  wanted to bring all the troops home (well she wiggled and giggled to some form of a pull out stance).

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Did the Inspector General use a “virtually impossible” standard to exonerate the VA?

Last month, acting Veterans Affairs Inspector General Richard Griffin issued a report on the wait-list scandal that appeared to let the DVA off the hook for patient deaths, while still castigating the bureaucracy for widespread fraud and abuse. One line in the report stated that the deaths of dozens of veterans could not be conclusively linked to the wait-list fraud that kept them from receiving medical care. Thanks to that statement, the national media reported that the claims of whistleblowers were exaggerated and that the problems weren’t as bad as originally thought.

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Environmentalists kill another pipeline project

This article shows how the environmental left uses the regulation process to kill good-paying construction jobs:

“We don’t see where anyone’s actually said, ‘yes, you have the need to go forward. We want you to go forward, and now let’s find a place to go forward,'” said attorney Frank Bibeau, representing Honor the Earth.

Bibeau argued that a certificate of need should be requested.

“If you do the certificate of need, then we at least know we have to do a project,” said Bibeau. “Right now we’ve got everybody alarmed, and we’re worried about who else we might alarm just because we’re not sure what we’re going to do.”

Ultimately, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission sided with Bibeau and Honor the Earth, killing high-paying construction jobs. Thanks to Honor the Earth’s stunt, railroad capacity will continue to be limited, meaning farmers’ crops won’t get to market in a timely fashion:

Supporters were also quick to point to the problems caused by oil tankers dominating the railway system, and choking out agricultural shipments like grain.

Earlier this week, Gov. Dayton held discussions about how to get those grain shipments moving and to improve railroad safety. The simple solution is building pipelines.

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Ken Martin’s hissy fit

Yesterday, Martin launched a hissy fit yesterday that would make a 5-year-old proud. Here’s the heart of Martin’s histrionics:

On Tuesday, Martin also accused Johnson of being disingenuous about his connection to the Tea Party.

“This is a question of character,” said Martin. Martin said Johnson was trying to “reinvent” himself post-primary. “It’s the hypocrisy. It’s the lying. It’s the misleading,” Martin said.

As proof, Martin shared a video of Johnson saying on Tuesday that he had not asked for the Tea Party’s endorsement and questioning whether the Tea Party even endorses. The DFL compared that to a video of Johnson at an April Tea Party meeting in which he says, “I would be truly honored to earn your support and endorsement in this race.”

It’s utterly disgusting to hear Martin and the DFL to lecture anyone on character. They’re the party that stole 11 Senate elections by breaking well-established campaign finance laws:

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Liberal Tolerance In Action

The headline is sarcastic, of course. Saint Thomas University, a Twin Cities catholic school, has never tolerated conservative opinion or action.  Under their previous president, Father “Hanoi Dennis” Dease, they disinvited conservative speakers, harassed conservative newspapers, and – in 2000, when a Cuban national team baseball player in town to play an exhibition against Saint Thomas defected at the airport, Dease forbade any Saint  Thomas students from harboring him.

Dease is gone – he apparently retired last year – but his legacy lives on.  A Saint Thomas school mascot – some sort of rodent, I think – “wiped his rear” with Republican literature on campus:

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Truth, justice, and the American Way

“Well, Doctor, what have we got, a Republic or a Monarchy?”
“A Republic, if you can keep it.” —Benjamin Franklin (attributed)

On this thirteenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the United States — on United Airlines Flight 93, the World Trade Center in New York City, and The Pentagon in Washington, D.C. — we remember those who were murdered by those who hated America. We should also understand that there are still those with a deadly hatred for this country and all for which it stands (see the documentary America: Imagine a World Without Her, and its companion book by Dinesh D'Souza).

But we should also remind ourselves that there are so many of us in the United States and around the world who still believe in and want to preserve all that is good about the U.S.A.

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